Thanks to news media, special needs dog missing in upstate SC found safe

February 11, 2015

According to a February 11 report by Fox Carolina News, a missing special needs dog in South Carolina is safely back at home.

When Gemma, a vision impaired diabetic dog disappeared around 2 p.m. Tuesday while on a bathroom break, SNARR Animal Rescue Northeast went into action to find her. Local news media, including Fox Carolina News and Greenville Dog Examiner were contacted to spread the word. A $500 reward was also offered for Gemma’s safe return.

Fox Carolina, an upstate South Carolina news station known for their work with local animal rescues, put the word out on their broadcast Tuesday night for people in the Easley area to be on the lookout for Gemma.

Many sightings were reported along Prince Perry Road in Easley, where Gemma was eventually found Wednesday morning. The people who found Gemma wasn’t looking for h but recalled the news story as they passed a dog, and went back to get her.

Now that family is $500 richer, and Gemma is back at her temporary home.

Gemma was staying with her foster family and is still looking for a forever home. Anyone interested in adopting Gemma should contact

Fox Carolina does dozens of stories a month to help local dogs and cat. They have an extremely loyal following of anchors Cody Alcorn and Diana Watson, who deliver the 10:00 nightly news.

This story goes to show how news media and animal advocates work together to help an animal in need. Good job everyone!






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