Mother dog and her pups found abandoned under Georgia home saved by NC rescue

June 8, 2015
After being found abandoned under a Georgia home, Matilda and her pups need donations to save them

Matilda (Fulton County Urgent Animals)

A mother dog and her pups found abandoned under a Georgia home now have a confirmed rescue stepping up to save them. Facebook: Fulton County Urgent Animals FCAS was a very busy thread over the weekend, as the post gained more than 2,000 shares, yet no one stepped up to save this little family.
Matilda and her 6-week-old pups were found under a house in Fulton County, abandoned and left to fend for themselves. When they reached Fulton Animal Shelter, it was learned Matilda is most likely pregnant again, but the vet doesn’t believe they are viable. To make matters worse, Matilda is also heartworm positive.
This sweet girl needs immediate medical attention for herself, and her pups who are now sick. The babies are lethargic with pale gums and are very weak. Carla Pistone, CEO of Fredo helping PAWS in Need Animal Rescue, Inc. finally had enough and stated

“On Fulton Animal Shelter, on Matilda and her babies we are rescuing these sweet precious babies and mama! They cannot be boarded they have to have immediate attention and medical care. We cannot take this for another second watching no one stepping up to rescue or Foster! Kerry from the shelter sent me a confirmation email that no one has stepped up so, Fredo Helping PAWS in Need Animal Rescue is confirming that we are rescuing this family ASAP!”

Please donate to Matilda’s care so Fredo can save her and her precious babies and get them all medical care they are in serious need of. The mama will have to have surgery if the babies are confirmed dead inside so she doesn’t die from being septic or other complications

This is a huge responsibility for any rescue to take, not only because it will break the hearts of those involved should Matilda or her family not survive, but because they don’t know exactly what they’re dealing with as to the puppies being sick.

Since Fredo helping PAWS In Need Animal Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Charlotte, and all donations are tax exempt to the fullest extent of the law.

The rescue would also like to thank Audrey and Kerry with Atlanta Animal Shelter for working with them, and Sam Hyde for going to pull this family from the shelter.

Please share Matilda’s story, and give a few dollars if you can to help the only rescue who actually stepped up to save this precious family.


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