Maine judge decides disabled Vietnam veteran can keep his emotional support dog

March 19, 2015

According to a March 18 report by WMTW News, a decision was made to allow a disabled Vietnam veteran in Maine to keep his emotional support dog.

On Monday, Judge Beth Dobson ruled that Myriah, called a wolf-hybrid, to return home with her owner after being apart for three months. Judge Dobson determined Myriah, owned by West Bath resident George Boynton, is a dangerous dog.
Although found not guilty for keeping an unlicensed wolf hybrid, Boynton was fined for having an unlicensed and dangerous dog that was off-leash in public and for failing to register Myriah.

Boynton will pay a $350 fine, as well as repay restitution of $750 to the animal control office, which will transfer the funds to Coastal Humane Society where Myriah has been sheltered since November when the case began.

Judge Dobson ruled that Myriah be returned to Boynton, but she must be leashed, muzzled and fenced in when outside. Boynton is very happy with the ruling to get his dog back stating

“When we get home, we’re having a party.”

Boynton credits Myriah with saving his life, as she provides the emotional support he needs in order to face each day.






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