Guardians of Rescue caring for injured dog saved by NY police officer

March 31, 2015

This sweet little dog was left for dead on the streets of New York. If not for the kindness of a police officer stopping to help, he’d be dead.

Lambchop is now in the loving hands of Guardians of Rescue after being saved by a New York police officer. This poor dog had lived on the streets for God only knows how long, and the only person who stopped to help after 40 minutes with traffic going around him after being struck by a car was this caring officer.

After Lambchop’s rescue, the kind officer reached out to Guardians of Rescue for their help. Lambchop will eventually be put up for adoption, but first, he has to recover from the horrific injury, plus the trauma of living alone and unloved.

Grady Animal Hospital in Sayville is in charge of Lambchop’s care, and are doing everything they can to save him. Guardians of Rescue immediately rushed him to the animal hospital as the pup was shaking and crying in pain. His back leg was dangling, and his skin is raw from neglect and living the life of a scared little street dog in the hood. He will lose his leg,

Guardians of Rescue commented on their web page about this sweet little dog saying

“In an area where crime is high, and compassion is low, this little waif of a dog was run down and left for dead in the streets of Queens, NY. If not for a police officer who noticed this little poodle mix laying in the road, he would have been hit again, and died.

We named him “Lambchop” and the only solution is a leg amputation. His leg is shattered in three places but his spirit is not broken. Little Lambchop is in wonderful hands but we need your help to help him. He is only about 5 years old and is truly as gentle as a lamb. He forgives his perpetrator and humankind. Why? Because he is a dog.”

With time, Lambchop will heal, both physically and emotionally. This little guy has plenty of good years ahead, especially once he is given time to recover and finds a family who will love him and appreciate his forgiving nature.

Thank you, Guardians of Rescue, for taking this baby into your care. And thank you, officer, for taking the time to show us all that there are still good and caring members of the police force. You’re an asset to your community, and a hero to one little dog named Lambchop.








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