Dog stolen from Marion County shelter has been found; supplies not recovered

December 3, 2014
 Big Boy, the dog who was stolen from the Marion County Animal Shelter early Wednesday morning, has been returned to the shelter and is safe.

The shelter, located in Mullins, South Carolina, now has to replace the items that were stolen along with Big Boy. To do this they need your help.

Over the past month, the intake of new dogs at the Marion County Animal Shelter has increased. This has led not only to overcrowding but to a food and supply shortage. The shelter put out the word for help, and a large number of volunteers mobilized to rescue the dogs and raise money for supplies.

Last Saturday volunteers from North and South Carolina drove to Marion County to deliver nearly 1000 pounds of dog food and other supplies.

Tragically, the efforts were shattered when a low-life thief broke into the shelter and stole 40 bags of dog food, laundry detergent, paper towels, and all of the other supplies that had been donated by volunteers this past week. Big Boy is safe, but the supplies are gone.

Court case dog stolen along with truckload of supplies at Marion Animal Shelter

Marion County Animal Shelter is now also in need of help to be sure no one is able to break in again. The sheds are damaged and need to be repaired. The shelter also needs new locks and a security system installed.

Food and other supplies are desperately needed to replace those that were stolen. If you live in the area, supplies and food can be dropped off at

Paws to the Rescue
123 Dog & Cat Court
Mullins, SC 29574

Monday 11am – 4pm
Tuesday 11am – 4pm
Wednesday 11am – 5pm
Thursday 11am – 4pm
Friday 11am – 4pm
Saturday 11am – 3pm
Holidays CLOSED



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