Arizona woman defends her dog from being placed under arrest

March 12, 2015

The story of an Arizona woman defending her dog from being placed under arrest is so off-the-charts, it would be virtually unbelievable if not for the video.

Terri Franklin of Snowflake, Arizona had parked her vehicle outside of a local business on March 7, leaving her pit bull inside with the window down. Like many dogs, her furbaby is a bit protective of Terri and her vehicle, and growled when someone parked near her car.

Instead of coming into the store and asking for the owner of the dog, a woman scared by the dog decided to call police instead. Officer Whipple responded to the disorderly dog call, where he asked Terri to roll up her car windows.

Not only did Terri do as directed, she apologized to the woman for her dogs behavior. It was after this when the situation turned strange.

“Officer Whipple proceeds to demand my driver’s license. I, of course refuse, as I have done nothing wrong and then ask him if I am under arrest?”

Here it comes, readers…wait for it…

Officer Whipple then tells Terri her DOG is under arrest for being “at large” and “vicious.”

Are you kidding, Officer Whipple? Terri took the matter seriously, telling the good officer that no, her dog would NOT be placed under arrest, because she had not left the vehicle, hadn’t harmed anyone and wasn’t vicious.

Officer Whipple eventually threw his hands up saying

“I’m not dealing with this.”

Good move, officer. No dogs were shot, and no dogs went to jail from this incident. Please share this article, and be sure to watch the video.







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