Young kitten, the victim of attempted spaying, now in the care of Carolina rescue

June 9, 2016

A young kitten, the victim of an attempted spaying, is now in the care of a Carolina rescue and is doing well. The kitten was never spayed, never even cut, but she almost died. Now dubbed ‘Precious Laila’ in honor of Laila Ali (both are fighters), this is her story as told by Saving Southern Kitties, the rescue who had already tagged this beautiful kitten for rescue.

Precious Laila was born April 26 in Upstate South Carolina. She eventually ended up in the care of Greenville County Animal Care, a kill shelter in Upstate South Carolina. Precious Laila waited for a forever home and watched her siblings adopted while she was left behind. Debra Cucchiara local team leader with SSK had an opening to take two adult cats.

While at the shelter and on the phone with President of SSK Susan Schreck, Deb was reviewing the two adults with her that they’d put a hold on when this little black kitten tugged at Deb’s heart. She knew she could take Laila as well, so SSK put the hold on all three. Since SSK likes to immediately get their rescued cats to the vet and their Greenville vet was closed, Deb told the shelter she’d be back Monday for them.

Before Precious Laila could be picked up, Greenville County Animal Care emailed Susan that her new rescue isn’t doing well under anesthesia. Precious Laila was fading, her heart rate and her respiratory rate were extremely low. Laila should never have been put under. The Greenville shelter was spaying her, and she’s only 1.1 pound!

A retired team member with Saving Southern Kitties picked up Precious Laila and rushed her to their Greenville vet. Saving Southern Kitties commented on their Facebook page

“GCAC knows our standards, knows how responsible we are. The moment a 1lb kitten was presented for surgery there the vet tech and vet should’ve known better.”

This occurred during the free cat weekend when everything and everyone at the shelter were in overdrive. Greenville County Animal Care adopted out 116 cats and kittens in only two days. Still, the veterinarian should have seen the kitten and known she was too small to be spayed. This is where the blame should rest, not on the staff or volunteers who work hard to save the cats at the overcrowded shelter.

Follow Greenville Cats Examiner on Facebook. Please feel free to donate to Saving Southern Kitties. Susan Schreck and her team have saved many cats from this very shelter. Money was spent to ensure Precious Laila didn’t suffer brain damage from the attempt to spay her when she was far too young and small. SSK will have her spayed at an appropriate age and size.

Susan updated Precious Laila’s condition Thursday afternoon. The wee one is doing fine with her foster and will be available for adoption once she’s older and is spayed.


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