Rescued pit bull used as bait dog needs trainer to help her through recovery

May 5, 2015

A rescued pit bull in the Long Beach, California area who was used as a bait dog needs an experienced dog trainer to help her through her long recovery.

Click here for a May 3 video of Ruthie taken by KTLA5 News featuring Claudia Perez, founder of LA on Cloud9, an organization that helps the homeless and their pets in South Los Angeles. Here Claudia talks about what this poor dog has been through and the help Claudia needs.

Until a couple of weeks ago when Ruthie was rescued from South Los Angeles 66th Street at Broadway, Ruthie had gone from being a fighting dog to a bait dog when she quit performing as desired. Now she has a rescue willing to take her, but she will have to go through a dog rehabilitation program before this can happen.

In the interview with KTLA5, Claudia stated

“I did my own investigation in the neighborhood and found that she was used as bait and she wasn’t performing right in dog fighting so as soon as they don’t fight the way they want them to fight they become bait.”

According to the Southland-based anti-dogfighting campaign, dog fighting is a $4 billion dollar industry. Thankfully Ruthie made it out alive, and those who have met her are hoping she can overcome her past and eventually find her forever family.

What needs to happen next with Ruthie is a professional dog rehab trainer. There are many professional out there who are capable of retraining Ruthie, which mostly concerns teaching her how to act around other dogs. This comes at a price.

To learn more about Ruthie, Claudia and LA on Cloud9 and how your donation can help Ruthie on her road to a forever home, click here.


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