Pearl, confiscated from bad Florida rescue, now in the care of no-kill facility

March 14, 2015

This is an update on Pearl, a pit beauty recently rescued from a bad situation in Florida. She’s now in the care of a no-kill facility.

Pearl is one of 10 dogs and 43 cats confiscated by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department earlier this week. As you can see she’s been severely neglected.

The good people at SPCA of North Brevard, located in Titusville, have taken Pearl into their care to see she gets the help she needs. A YouCaring webpage has been set up here to help raise funds for her care. SPCA Brevard describes the life she led, and what they’re doing to help change it.

“Pearl is proof that not all “rescues” are created equal. She is a victim of a rescue gone wrong. Two night’s ago, our Sheriff’s office executed an eviction notice to a local rescue. We were told that Pearl and a lot of her rescue mates were being loaded onto a U-Haul to be transported to who knows where. The Sheriff’s office stepped in and animal control was called. In all, approximately 10 dogs and 40 cats (some pregnant) were taken to an already over-crowded local shelter.

This morning, we busted Pearl out of the shelter! She has already gotten started on the long road of recovery ahead of her.

Despite how uncomfortable she is, Pearl is one of the most good-natured dog ever and loves everyone she meets (even cats!)! Her skin is basically on fire and she is bleeding from several open spots on her body. We’ve tested her for demodex and are hoping that’s all we’re dealing with.”

SPCA of Brevard is no-kill, and even Pearl appear to know she’s in good hands with these ladies. What did you ladies do, take her out for ice cream? This dog is smiling!

For the record, they also rescued 15 cats from the shelter yesterday. All of these animals will be nursed back to health, then placed for adoption into loving homes.

Please give a few dollars if you can, and share this story with others. It shows the remarkable rescue of these poor animals that was quickly put together using the power of social media. Sharing does make a difference, and the animals shown here proves that.




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