“Magical” cat survives fire at Tea Tree Gully Boarding and Kennels

January 12, 2015

Merlin may indeed be a “magical” cat, as he’s believed to be the sole survivor of the cats housed at Tea Tree Gully Boarding and Kennels in Adelaide, South Australia. The facility was destroyed by the bushfires on January 3, along with 20 dogs and 25 cats.

Vets have no idea how Merlin managed to escape, or how he survived five days on his own with no food or water. Merlin, age five, was found last Thursday when he was heard crying from a drain in nearby Inglewood.

Thanks to a microchip and collar, Merlin’s owner was contacted and told the cat had survived.

Merlin was severely dehydrated, malnourished and burned on his face, paws, and belly. He also has fluid on his lungs from smoke inhalation. He’s being cared for at Adelaide Specialist & Referral Centre in Norwood, where he’s receiving around the clock care.

At this time the focus is on getting Merlin stabilized and keeping him comfortable. His recovery could take months, and there may be expensive vet bills to pay. Should a donation webpage be set up, this article will be updated.

A video, which can’t be embedded, can be viewed here.


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