Imagine Pet Rescue offers financial assistance to critically injured little dog

March 4, 2015

This is the story of a little dog in North Carolina who was critically injured in early February. Now a rescue has stepped up to help his owner, who has exhausted all funds to pay for his care.

An officer manager at a veterinary hospital in North Carolina recently contacted Imagine Pet Rescue, a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Sayville, New York. The vet hospital had a little 7-year-old dog who had been viciously attacked by a larger dog on February 4 and was being treated for life-threatening injuries.

Purdy Boy’s owner had already paid out $800, and because of this, her finances were drained. The vet clinic caring for Purdy Boy posted

“On February 4, 2015 a large dog got hold of his face and broke his bottom jaw right down the middle as well as tearing off most of the tissue on the right side of his jaw. We performed surgery to wire his jaw back together. Unfortunately the remaining tissue on the right side of his jaw started sloughing off. On February 9th we performed a debride of the tissue and tried to suture the remaining healthy tissue together. However there was not must healthy tissue left to suture. We started on a honey bandage to try and get some of the tissue to granulate in but it was difficult as he had to wear a muzzle all the time to keep the muzzle in place. In addition, changing the honey bandage was very difficult for his owner to do. It of course hurt when taking it off and putting the new one on and he would cry and struggle. It was just more than she could deal with. At this point, the only viable option for Purdy Boy was to have the right lower jaw bone removed. The decision was made by the owner this week that she would have to have him euthanized due to the fact that she just could not afford another surgery “

Purdy Boy’s owner was asked to relinquish custody to the vet clinic, with the promise they would do their best to get him the help he needed. Despite his horrific injury and the dramatic surgery, the little guy is able to eat soft food, as well as drink water.

Imagine Pet Rescue reached out to Purdy Boy’s former owner, and believe she was a good pet parent. She was reunited with her dog following his operation.

Imagine explains why they decided to help Purdy Boy in this Facebook post

“Sometimes in rescue, its not just about “saving a dog” and bringing him into our rescue, Sometimes in rescue, its about helping a dog in need, helping an owner who has exhausted all funding to try to save their precious pet.”

Please check out the Imagine Pet website, and use the donate button to help with Purdy Boy’s medical expenses, as well as future cases where this wonderful rescue is needed. Although Imagine Pet isn’t asking for donations with him, it would be nice to show your support with a small donation.


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