Greenwood dog recovering well after slit throat may go up for adoption soon

October 29, 2014
The pit bull whose throat was slit by a Greenwood man is doing better, Greenwood Today reported October 29.
 Bella, a pit bull, was seriously injured when her owner, James Perrin, slit her throat. Perrin’s girlfriend later tried to finish the job.
Executive Director Karen Pettay with the Humane Society of Greenwood updated news media on Bella’s condition

“When Bella arrived to the shelter she was wearing a large white wrap around her throat to control the bleeding. Her tail was wagging and she was acting like nothing had happened. She is a really friendly and happy dog with the HSOG staff.”

Bella is currently being treated at the Chinquapin Animal Hospital where she’s healing from her cuts and battling Parvo. Dr. Paula Watkins with Chinquapin told Live5 News

“She will probably be cleared and feeling much better by the end of the week.She’s a little trooper, she’s a sweet pup. She’s been wagging her tail the whole time.”

Watkins said they will likely take out Bella’s stitches next week, then this sweet dog will be put up for adoption.

A comment made by one of the readers alleges this isn’t the first time Perrin has been in trouble with the police. Court records show that Perrin is currently awaiting trial in connection with a June 2013 incident in which he allegedly robbed a man at gunpoint with an AK-47 assault rifle. Now he and his “lady love” have attempted to kill the family dog.

As for Perrin-what’s next, Greenwood, if judges continue to release dangerous criminals back onto the streets of Greenwood. Will his next arrest be an assault against a person? Coincidentally, this is the one year anniversary of another released criminal from Greenwood County who went on a killing spree last year, killing five members of his girlfriend’s family before taking his own life.

When will judges learn some people shouldn’t be allowed out on bond.

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