Funds needed after Oklahoma pit bull rescuer injured while working with his dogs

March 23, 2015

This is a plea for help for a fellow animal advocate and director of an Oklahoma rescue who has come across hard times after being injured while working with his dogs.

According to a post on Facebook: Pit Bull Rescue Oklahoma
“Folks, I don’t know how many of you know Rod Goodhue. He is our director and the person that takes care of the rescue on a day to day basis. Our friend and director is in trouble. Just over a week ago, he seriously injured his arm. He has no insurance. He also has no money because every dime he lays his hands on goes to the rescue. This man who selflessly gives to the rescue now needs our help. Give what you can. If you can’t give, spread the word. The future of the rescue depends on this surgery.”

PBR Oklahoma has functioned for more than 15 years of effort selflessly donated by Rod Goodhue. For those who know him, he is a champion of the “underdog,” a kind soul, and a man who almost never asks for help.

Last Wednesday, while working with one of PBR’s dogs, Rod suffered a very serious and very painful injury. The tendon that connects his biceps muscle to the shoulder of his right arm was completely ruptured and another tendon in the shoulder joint was severed. His biceps muscle is not working and Rod is unable to use his arm.

This is the arm that has carried thousands of injured and sick dogs to safety; the arm that provides daily care to the dogs, and the arm that shows them the love that they never had before they were rescued. It is the arm these dogs cannot live without.

Rod has seen the shoulder specialist. To save the functioning of Rod’s arm, and therefore to save Pit Bull Rescue Oklahoma, surgery is mandatory. The surgery will cost around $10,000 and has been scheduled for March 27. If the funds can’t be raised, the surgery cannot be performed, and the rescue may face closing.

Rod doesn’t enjoy having to ask fellow animal advocates for help, but the help is as much for the dogs as it is for him personally. A YouCaring webpage has been set up here for donations.

Please donate a few dollars if you can, and be sure to spread the word that this pit bull rescue is in danger of closing unless we can help put Rod back together again.


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