Did Toronto woman’s deceased cat lead her to rescue kitten thrown from car?

December 9, 2014

According to a December 8 post on Life With Cats, last week an animal rescuer in the Toronto area was in the right place at the right time to rescue a kitten that was thrown from a car onto a busy highway.when a kitten was thrown from a car onto a busy highway.

The rescue occurred only one week after losing the woman’s own beloved cat, leaving her to believe it was fate to save the injured kitten.

Mandi Howard runs Momma Meows Cat Rescue in Oshawa with her mother. Last week she witnessed what she thought was fast food trash being dumped out a car window on Highway 427 in Toronto. When she realized it was a kitten, Mandi pulled off the road and walked along the margin to rescue the little guy. In an interview with Toronto Star, Mandi described her brave rescue.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s a kitten. When I picked him up, he was totally out of it, with blood all over him. He started screaming.”

Mandi calmed down the kitten, dubbed Pedro, by singing to him as she rushed him to the Toronto Humane Society.

“If he were to die before I can get there, at least he will have known what kindness looks like.”

Mandi being an emergency nurse, as well as an animal rescuer, knew how to handle Pedro so as not to cause more injury. Pedro had several scrapes and had to have his lip sewn up where it had split during his tumble. He also has splints on both back legs, as all of the toes on his back paws were broken.

Mandi was asked about adoption at the Toronto Humane Society and will be taking Pedro home with her on a permanent basis when he’s released in a few weeks. Right now he’s in foster care with an HS veterinarian as he heals.

Her cat May, a death row rescue from the NYC ACC, died while recovering from dental surgery. Mandi believes it was fate for her to save Pedro that day, and that May led her to the injured kitten.

“This was my day off. I wasn’t even supposed to be there. She brought me there for a reason.”

At her sister’s suggestion, Mandi opened a fundraiser at indegogo to help to help cover the cost of veterinary expenses. To date the fundraiser has raised almost $6,000, well over the $2,000 goal. Any funds not needed to care for Pedro will be donated to the Toronto Humane Society.

The Indegogo page describes Pedro’s rescue, and what needs to be done to get him healthy.

“On December 3rd during snow flurries on the busy Highway 427, this little kitten was thrown from a car window. He was just a small bit of fur – he could have been a paper cup.

When our rescuer Mandi, went back and picked him up, he was covered in blood and screaming in pain. He was taken to the Toronto Humane Society emergency care. He has now made it through the first stage but will require surgeries to fix his broken jaw, split lips, and multiple fractures.

He’s been through so much — please help us to get him the care he needs.

Funds will be used to pay for his present medical needs as well as his post-operative and rehabilitation care.”

Please share Pedro’s story, and be sure to comment on whether you believe Mandi’s cat May led her to Pedro.


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