Delilah: Emaciated dog rescued from Greenville County Animal Care has died

September 23, 2015
Tonight the animal advocacy is grieving. A very special dog named Delilah, rescued from Greenville County Animal Care by Boxer Butts & Other Mutts on September 9 has died. Heidi Schermerhorn-Wagner, one of the founders of Boxer Butts, posted the following on Facebook September 23.
“Delilah has gained her wings and I know with all my heart she was met by Sampson at the bridge. Right now I am without words and we are grieving and finding it hard to breathe ourselves. As soon as I am able I will post more. Thank you all for everything.”

The call first went out on September 8 by email on the Greenville County Pet Rescue Facebook community page about a Boxer mix needing immediate rescue. Known then as Carmen, Delilah was only 26.2 pounds when she was turned in as a stray to the Greenville, South Carolina shelter.

Boxer Butts & Other Mutts, an Arden, North Carolina non-profit organization rescue, stepped up to save Delilah and she was rushed to Mills River Animal Clinic in Mills River, North Carolina. Her prognosis was heartbreaking. It was discovered in an ultrasound that Delilah had several pieces of a corn cob blocking her intestines. She underwent emergency surgery last week, where six inches of her intestines were removed. Delilah almost didn’t wake up following the operation.

Heidi and Todd visited her often. Delilah, at times too weak to even wag her tail, had an almost indestructible spirit, despite the odds she faced. It was nearly impossible to get a catheter in her, she had already ‘shut down’ and refused food at the time of her rescue. Thanks to Boxer Butts, the vet staff and the prayers of thousands, Delilah appeared to rally a few days, eventually eating a bit on her own.

Unfortunately, her health started to decline this week. Delilah had a strong spirit, but her body was unable to come back from the life she had been forced to live prior to her rescue. She left this cruel world Wednesday night, surrounded by people who loved her. In the end, Delilah knew she mattered.

The Boxer Butts family is crushed and will post more on their Facebook page once they’ve had time to deal with their loss. You can donate toward Delilah’s veterinary expenses via PayPal at or by clicking here. Rest in Peace, sweet girl. So sorry the humans in your life before being rescued failed you.


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