Chicago police involved in fatal shooting of a dog on the South Side

April 26, 2015

According to an April 26 report by Fox32 News, a Chicago police officer was involved in the fatal shooting of a dog early Sunday morning on the South Side.

Officers were responding to a call around 10 a.m. in the 9500 block of South Ewing after a man with a gun was seen entering a back yard. A man fitting that description was then seen leaving a yard with a large pit bull.
Instead of the man following officers order to tie the dog to a fence, the suspect released the dog on the officers. Fearing an attack, an officer shot the dog, who later died.

The suspect, who had a weapon on him, was arrested and taken into custody.

Since this is a breaking news story, not many details are available at this time. Especially the owner’s version of what triggered the shooting. The dog may have been attacking, then again, it may not.

An update will be posted, should one become available.

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