A happy update on the sweet dog dumped at a South Carolina Walmart

March 17, 2015

This is an update on the dog abandoned by her family at a South Carolina Walmart.

Annabelle no longer sits alone in a kennel at a high-kill Columbia shelter, unloved and unwanted. Thanks to Abby’s Animal Angels, a prominent Greenville rescue who now operates their own adoption center, Annabelle is well on her way to finding a family who appreciates her. She’ll be joining their rescue on Wednesday.

Abby’s Animal Angels posted an update on this beautiful girl on their Facebook page.

“Two weeks ago employees at a Columbia Walmart witnessed a woman pull up, dump Annabelle out of the car, and drive off. Annabelle waited patiently for AN ENTIRE WEEK, expecting her owner to do the right thing and come back for her. But it never happened. Instead Annabelle ended up at a kill shelter in Columbia. And because she is understandably traumatized and scared she was marked rescue only, giving her no chance at an adoptive home. But Annabelle has a group of amazing supporters here on Facebook who rallied behind her, networking her like crazy, raising funds to get her out of the shelter and see her medical needs covered, and they worked tirelessly at getting her face out there to every rescue they could find. So when we heard about Annabelle and what she had been through, we knew we had to help. Annabelle is the newest member of the AAA family, and she will be arriving Wednesday. With everything she has been through Annabelle will need time, and plenty of TLC. She will need constant positive reinforcement to help her gain her confidence back, and we will be taking her to see a trainer to see if we can help her in any additional ways.”

When Annabelle is ready, Abby’s Animal Angels will find her the perfect forever home. Their rescue is dedicated to making sure the animals they take into their care know only comfort, love and security once they leave. Abby’s is well known and highly respected for taking on some of the toughest cases of abuse, both physical and emotional. Annabelle is a very lucky girl to have them care for her.

If you’d like to donate to Annabelle’s needs, you can do so here: The funds will be used for medical needs, including a possible foot injury, food, toys, and behavior training if needed.

Thank you, everyone, for networking this poor dog and making her rescue possible. Abby’s Animal Angels learned about her through the earlier Examiner article, so sharing these stories using social media does make a difference. In this case, sharing saved her life.




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