Without rescue, beautiful deaf dog and his faithful “keeper” will be killed

May 25, 2015

A beautiful bonded deaf dog and his faithful “keeper,”now at a North Carolina shelter, will be killed if someone doesn’t step up soon to adopt or rescue them.

Marley and Zeus are at the Catawba City Animal Shelter in Newton. Their owner had hit hard times and made the heartbreaking decision to turn them in with the hope a new home can be found.
Marley is a pit mix. She’s been through obedience training and knows basic commands. Her owner says she may be a little rusty but should pick back up on remembering them with a bit of practice. Her only bad habit is getting a little too hyper and pulling on her leash too hard. Marley loves going for runs, is dog, cat, farm animal and child-friendly.

Zeus is Marley’s “brother,” whom she looks out for. He’s deaf and was posted on Craigslist as a last resort before taking him to be put to sleep. The family didn’t think Zeus could live a normal life as a deaf dog. As a puppy, Zeus would howl for hours and was trained using a vibrating collar. He’ll occasionally bark during storms due to vibrations and flashes of light.

As far as bad habits go, Zeus is also bad about pulling on his leash. He can’t be trusted off of his leash, as he won’t come when called. Zeus knows hand commands such as sit, down, stay, wait, leave it, off and shake.

Before turning Zeus and Marley into the shelter, their owner gave additional information an adopter or rescue would need to know.

“When he (Zeus) plays with Marley the sound can be terrifying but I promise it’s just the way they sound they are not fighting! I have always fed them together but in separate bowls at a distance to avoid tiffs. Zeus also loves running and can get highly stressed when away from Marley. He will whine and howl until they are together again. Both dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped, they dog well from grooming – bath,nail, ears,…they have always eaten grain free ( they do best on it Marley can have a sensitive stomach) they were on it until my financials got tight. Both dogs are crate trained and sleep in a large crate together. They love kongs, squeaky toys, nylabones, they like blankets to curl up with. If in he crate and barking cover the crate with an old blanket and Zeus will be quiet. Zeus can be rough with cats but not aggressive towards them (he holds them with his paw to lick them) he can be hard at trusting other male dogs after he was attacked when he was younger but with proper introduction he may be ok. If there are any other questions about either of the two please let me know. This has been one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made but I didn’t have a choice. Thank you so much for helping me and taking care of my dogs when I am unable to.”

If you can help save this bonded pair, please contact Catawba City Animal Shelter, 201 Government Services Drive in Newton, North Carolina. Their phone number is 828 464 7686.


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