Wedding plans put on hold and $1K reward offered for missing Spartanburg puppy

January 4, 2014

An upstate chocolate lab puppy is missing, and her owner’s are offering a $1,000 reward for her safe return. The pup, known as Charlie, is a special dog with a special story.

The story of Charlie began with a proposal back in November 2013. Neil and his girlfriend Maggie had been dating for seven years when Neil came up with an awesome way to propose to his true love. The two of them had searched for the perfect house to buy, and after months of looking decided on the perfect home in Charleston, SC.

Unfortunately, Maggie’s grandmother died in Virginia the last week of October, and Neil and Maggie attended her funeral in Virginia.

A week after the couple returned to Charleston, Neil put his proposal in action. He took Maggie over to their new house under the guise of having her inspect a few things that would need to be repaired before the two moved in. This included one of the closets.

When Maggie opened the closet door, she came face to face with Charlie, the cutest chocolate lab puppy ever. The little dog was sound asleep, so Neil led Maggie to the kitchen to get a bag of food and a collar he’d provided.

Maggie had always wanted a chocolate lab and was overcome with emotion at finding the puppy. And Neil had been so thoughtful and even purchased the food.

So he followed Maggie to the kitchen in order to see her expression. Inside the bag with the collar was an engagement ring. Neil got down on one knee and asked Maggie to marry him. She said yes, and the two of them decided to name the puppy Charlie after Charleston.

Plans for their wedding were made in the coming weeks, and these plans included Charlie being a part of their wedding. The couple wasn’t sure how they’d fit her in, but she was a part of their family and was definitely going to play a part once the big day came.

Charlie disappeared Christmas week when she was left with Neil’s mom and stepfather on the east side of Spartanburg. The couple had plans to travel to Ohio, Virginia, and Maryland to visit with Maggie’s family and to shop for their wedding.

Then the unthinkable happened. Charlie was in a fenced-in back yard with two older dogs when she went missing on December 27. The dogs were only left untended for around 10 minutes, and the family feels she wasn’t stolen because the family was in the front yard at the time. Charlie was the only one missing, and the family feels they would have noticed someone coming into the yard.

The family searched for Charlie on foot, by bike, and in a vehicle. Charlie was nowhere to be found.

A $1,000 reward has been offered for Charlie’s safe return. Social media such as Facebook has resulted in many tips coming in, especially after a page was set up to spread the word about the missing lab.

Flyers and posters have been placed on the east side and downtown areas of Spartanburg. Local veterinarians, animal hospitals, boarding facilities, Humane Societies and shelters in upstate South Carolina have also been notified.

The family is also keeping an eye on Craig’s list and Petfinder in hopes that someone has found Charlie and simply doesn’t know she has a family.

The ordeal has been so heartbreaking for Neil and Maggie that their wedding has been put on hold. The couple is in a lot of emotional pain right now and will remain in turmoil until their missing family member is found.

Charlie is only four months old, and the family thinks it’s doubtful she ran very far on her own. Someone most likely has Charlie, and is either looking for her family or will attempt to sell her.

There have been a few tips come in where Charlie was possibly seen on Cart Drive in Spartanburg. The family wants the public to know that every lead will be followed, and they won’t give up until Charlie is back home where she belongs.

Please share this article with friends, especially those in the Spartanburg area. Contact info if found is as follows

Facebook Spartanburg/Greenville Help us find Charlie and bring her home
Email Hayley Rowland


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