Upstate rescue offers reward for dog missing/stolen after routine vet visit

April 20, 2014

Taryn Gibson and Day Before the Rainbow are living a rescues worst nightmare. Taryn’s Facebook page reported one of their dogs was stolen in an April 15 post, and the information was reported April 19. A reward is being offered for his safe return.

Dragon, a 7-month-old retriever mix puppy was at the Wade Hampton Veterinary Clinic to receive a health certificate for transport. Dragon had a home and was on his way to a loving family when someone took him from the foster’s car while she was inside paying her bill.

It wasn’t long before a lady named Ashley called 24PetWarch and reported she had found Dragon. Taryn was notified by Anderson County PAWS, where Dragon had been rescued from. Taryn placed a call to Ashley to make plans to meet up to get the puppy back.

According to Taryn, Ashley and her mother have refused to give Dragon back to Day Before the Rainbow. The two women live less than a mile from Wade Hampton Veterinary Clinic so it wouldn’t have been difficult to either find an escaped puppy or to remove one from a vehicle.

Police were called and when an officer’s visited the home the two women said the puppy had escaped from them at a local convenience store.

Dragon has been reported as stolen to 24PetWatch, who contacted Taryn saying Ashley had attempted to re-register the chip. His 24PetWatch number is 982000356931796

If you see or have information on Dragon, Taryn can be contacted at or via Facebook.

The upstate has had an increase in dog disappearances over the past year. Abby’s Animal Angels had a puppy stolen from them at a Petco adoption event back in 2013. Dogs have also been reported missing from their yards, with the owner’s unable to figure out how their pet escaped.

Please share this article with friends, especially those in South Carolina. Taryn believes Dragon may have been taken outside the Greenville area. In reality, he could be anywhere, depending on the decision of whether to keep him or to offer him for sale on Craig’s list.

Social media has played a major role in finding missing and stolen pets. Please help Dragon find his way back to Taryn so he can complete his trip to his awaiting new family.





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