Upstate family reunited with seized family dog now plan to sell their home

May 21, 2013

An upstate family has been reunited with their dog and is making plans to sell their home in the city of Fountain Inn in order to be with their two dogs, This decision was made today when dog owners David and Krista Painter since came to an arrangement with the city of Fountain Inn.

The ordeal started after the dogs, Lola and Sara, escaped their fence last week. The Painter’s believe someone intentionally kicked in their fence to allow the dogs to escape.
Animal control soon arrived on the scene and shot Sara with a tranquilizer gun. She was then seized by animal control because the dogs were deemed vicious, although neither dog had ever bitten anyone.

Lola escaped until after animal control had left, and was taken to a relative in another upstate county where she’d be out of danger. Sara was held in a kennel by animal control and faced possible euthanasia as a vicious dog.

The agreement with the city of Fountain Inn required the couple to agree to move the dogs out of the city limits and pay a $200 fine. The dogs will live with family members in another county until the family is able to sell their home and find a place outside of the city.

The family stated in an interview with FoxCarolina “It’s OK because all we care about is the dogs and not having her sit in a kennel for a year while we wait for a jury trial and not die, be killed.”

Readers, if it came down to it, would you move in order to keep your dogs? Your comments are welcome.


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