Traffic came to a halt as Greenwood police rescued injured dog

February 12, 2016

Traffic came to a halt February 9 as a compassionate Greenwood deputy assisted an injured dog, Fox Carolina News reported February 11.

Officer Wes Walker of the Greenwood, South Carolina Police Department showed compassion and patience after coming upon a dog injured and lying in the street on Reynolds Avenue. Blue lights and police cars halted traffic in both directions as Officer Walker tended to the injured dog, who could hardly stand.

At one point Office Walker was down on his knees, speaking calmly to the dog. He was afraid to move the injured dog on his own, as it could have caused permanent damage. Walker waited with the injured dog until help arrived. Greenwood County deputies assisted in blocking the road, and residents in the area provided blankets to keep the dog warm.

Kim commented on her Facebook: Lake Greenwood & Surroundings page

“In today’s world where we are inundated with reports of terrorists and murders, drug and alcohol addictions, unimaginable cruelty that people perpetrate on each other and animals, and ugly insults from one politician to another, it’s deeply gratifying to witness kindness.”

Not one person stuck in traffic became impatient and the dog was eventually transported to the Greenwood County Animal Shelter where he was treated and released back to his owner.




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