Tacoma neighbors “dognap” allegedly neglected dog, who has since gone missing

January 19, 2015

There’s a lot of controversy on whether the neighbors of an allegedly abused dog crossed the line in the Tacoma, Washington area a little over a week ago. Q13 Fox News reported the story January 13.

It began when a concerned neighbor of a lab mix named Kiki took photos of the dog looking neglected and malnourished. Of course, like many photos do, the abused dog photos ended up on Facebook, along with the address of the owner.

A video of Kiki can be seen here.

A group of South Sound neighbors “dognapped” Kiki from her own back yard. Neighbor Autumn Riesz-Ramos commented on stealing Kiki

“The dog was clearly starving and in really bad shape so we got a group of us and go over there. The dog could barely stand up she was so weak. She was shaking, she was so cold.”

Construction workers working in Kiki’s yard witnessed the four people who did the dognapping. Kiki was snatched after the chain was cut, and taken to a vet for treatment.

Steven Lee Jr., the son of Kiki’s owner, admits the dogs isn’t in good shape. The vet who examined her agreed she was in bad shape.

Later Kiki was taken to the Humane Society but is no longer there. Now investigators are trying to figure out who now has her. It’s believed the owner went to the Humane Society and got their dog back.

Autumn, one of the four involved in getting Kiki the help she needed, said she wasn’t going to wait around on Animal Control to step in. Kiki had a chain embedded in his neck because it had been on so long. She doesn’t think of herself as a dog thief, as she was trying to help an abused dog.

Animal Control said the only way they could take possession of Kiki is if they either had a warrant or they believed she was being abused. The investigation into her disappearance continues.

It’s not rocket science, officers. Just pay a visit to Kiki’s owner and ask where the dog is. Have a warrant with you at the time of the visit-just in case. The son of the owner, as well as a licensed vet have already said the dog isn’t being cared for. What more proof do you need?

Note: One reference to Kiki lists the lab mix as a female, in another paragraph Kiki is listed as a male.


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