Sweet dog writes a letter seeking funds for life-saving surgery

March 3, 2015

This letter was written by a dog asking for help to save her life. It is reprinted in its entirety with permission from Mimi and her mom.

“Hi! My name is Mimi. I am a very happy and playful dashhound who loves to give hugs and kisses.
I am having some trouble being playful these days and I am hurting a lot. I see my mommy crying a lot and I know it is hurting her. The pain I feel is something I simply cannot explain, but I overheard the vet telling my mommy that I have a deteriorating disc and I need surgery.

We were referred to Central Veterinary Specialty Hospital and my mommy is making an appointment for me to be seen either this Monday, January 19th or Tuesday, January 20th and we will know more of my condition and the full cost.

You see, the first vet that I had gone to, our options were to have surgery and it was going to cost 3,500 or more or put me to sleep, whatever that means, but I didn’t get a good feeling about the sleep part of it. I want to play and give kisses, I don’t like to sleep too much unless my family are all asleep, and even when they are sleeping, I stay guard for my family.

I am setting this fund up to help with my surgery. We know it is going to cost a lot but will not know for sure the total amount until I see this specialist this coming week but I thought maybe I could start off with this small goal and when we find out the exact bill, I can repost it for you to see it. I would love to be able to stay around for my family.

I know my mommy has done and helped so many pets find their loving families and I hope you can help us get me well so I can see my mommy smile again and have the strength to keep helping other pets find happiness.

I thank you for the love you all have to help us that do not have much of a voice against the world and if you cannot donate to help in my surgery, please keep us in your prayers. Thank you very much for your help. Mimi.”

If you wish to donate to help with this life-saving operation, a YouCaring webpage has been set up here.







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