Stray dog in Thailand saves newborn baby from being eaten by street dogs

May 7, 2015

A stray dog in Thailand is credited with saving the life of a newborn baby who was at risk of being eaten by other street dogs, Life With Dogs reported May 6

Nom Sod ( which means fresh milk), is a female street dog often fed by sympathetic Good Samaritans in the Muang district of the Chonburi providence. Mr. Noi Pongsakorn was on his way to buy dinner when he came across two dogs fighting over and snapping at what he first thought was a dog.

That’s when Nom Sod, one of the dogs fed by Mr. Pongsakorn, rushed in, growled at the two dogs and scooped up the bundle and ran off.

Pongsakorn praised the stray saying

“At the time I didn’t think it was a baby and thought it was a doll, until I heard it crying and walked closer to Nom Sod.”

Nom Sod placed the baby in front of Pongasakorn when he showed the dog a stick. The baby, a preemie, was pale green and covered in bite and scratch marks.

Police and paramedics arrived to help, and on Monday, Police Colonel Chuthares Yingyongdamrongsakul bought Nom Sod a collar and some grilled chicken to reward her heroic actions.

Security footage of the area showed a woman as a person of interest and believed to be the baby’s mother.

Witnesses reported that a motorcycle had been parked near the garbage bin about 30 minutes before the dog scuffle occurred. Security footage of the area showed a woman whom police believe is the baby’s mother.

No word on the condition of the 4.5-pound baby is doing, but everyone who’s heard of Nom Sod’s bravery is hoping someone in the area will give her a loving home for her good deed.


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