Stolen dog was dyed to prevent her owners from finding her

December 21, 2014

According to a December 20 report by Fox Carolina News, a stolen dog was dyed to prevent her owners from finding her.

Coco, a reddish-brown pit bull with white markings was believed stolen from her Southern California home on Thanksgiving.
Despite the best efforts of her owners, Christopher Ingrassi and Heather Lowry, Coco was nowhere to be found. Still, the family held out hope, due to Coco having a microchip.

Coco has now been reunited with Christopher and Heather after Riverside County Animal Services made the match when scanning a stray, black dog for a microchip. Records showed the chip was listed as being in an 8-month-old reddish-brown pit adopted from a San Jacinto shelter in October.

Officials believe Coco was dyed to make it harder for her owners to identify her. This serves as a good warning should your dog go missing. Don’t rely on color alone to identify, because dog thieves are getting sneaky.

Riverside County Field and Shelter Deputy Director Frank Corvina believes the dog was stolen and escaped from the thief’s property. He stated in an interview that

“The dye job is not very good. But it would work if someone’s looking for their missing, reddish-brown dog.”

John Welsh, spokesman for Animal Services, says Coco shouldn’t suffer any medical issues from the dye job.

With stolen dogs, especially pit bulls, being on the increase, it’s recommended that all dogs be microchipped and to wear the microchip tag on the dog collar. This alone will prevent many dogs from being taken, as thieves don’t want a dog who may be easily identified.

Please take a good look at how well this disguise could work, and share this article with dog owners so they’re aware this can happen.


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