Sick owner goes into hospital, beloved dog goes into high-kill NY shelter

April 5, 2015

As you look at this photo of Barney, ask yourself how such a beautiful dog could end up in a high-kill New York shelter.

Barney (A1031922) is a 13-year-old Chow/ Pekingese beauty who was surrendered to Brooklyn Center because his owner is in the hospital. It’s sad no one could care for him long enough for his owner to regain their health and continue to offer him a loving home in which to live out his golden years.
Surrendered on April 1, Barney doesn’t have much time to find a rescue to take him or even a new forever home. His date out was April 4.

Barney was a good boy for his medical exam and allowed all handling. He was nervous, but not aggressive. His calm disposition means he would make a great addition to almost any family. Given his age, he most likely would prefer a mature home, where he can be loved in the manner he was accustomed to for so many years.

As for his health, Barney has moderate dental tartar and mild ocular clouding. He’s also missing a few incisors.

If you can offer Barney a loving home, please email, and be sure to put Barney’s name and ID number in the subject line.

To contact an approved NYC ACC New Hope Partner rescue, a master list can be found here, with more on adoptions here. You may also keep up with Barney on this Facebook thread.

Please share Barney with friends in the New York area who are looking to adopt an older, more settled pet. Those who stay in touch with the New Hope approved rescues are asked to contact at least three of them, to ensure at least one steps up for Barney in time to save his life.


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