She waits: Dog on Prozac needs special home before she shuts down completely

November 22, 2014

UPDATE: River was adopted!

This is the story of a dog who waits. River, a black and white beauty, has waited so long she’s on Prozac for anxiety. River needs a special home before she shuts down completely.

According to Facebook: Angels For Animals, located in Canfield, Ohio

“She sits in her cage waiting…
She stands up when she hears the door to the dog wing open. She looks towards the door. She’s looking for someone. When people stand in front of her cage she gets up and stands at the bars wagging her tail…looking up in their faces. Some look back at her and say kind things like “Hi sweet girl.” “You want a home don’t you?” Others just keep walking. She goes and sits back on her bed and waits some more…This happens over and over all day long. Day after day and week after week. River has been with us since March.”

A video of this sweet girl can be found by clicking here.

River needs an adopter with dog training/behavior experience. She has been suffering from anxiety for the past few months and is currently on Prozac.

River is picky about who she wants as a doggy friend, but she doesn’t like cats at all. So she’ll need to go to a home with no cats, and possibly even be an only pet. At least until she feels loved and wanted.

If you can be River’s hero, please give Angels For Animals a call. She needs a miracle. The phone number is 330-549-1111, and you should ask for Lisa in the dog wing

Their contact information is listed below. Please share River’s story, and help this poor girl find a home in time for Thanksgiving.

Angels For Animals
Animal Shelter, Spay/Neuter Clinic & Wellness Services
4750 West South Range Rd.
Canfield, OH 44406
Shelter: 330-549-1111…… Medical : 330-549-5634

Please share River with friends, especially those in the Canfield, Ohio area. She deserves to be in her forever home in time for the holidays.








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