Senior dog, living in shelter kennel for 15 months, heartbroken no one wants him

February 1, 2015

Thirteen-year-old Balin has spent the last 15 months at Middletown Humane Society, located at 142 Bloomingburg Road, Middletown, New York. They are approximately one hour from Poughkeepsie and one hour from NYC.

Balin keeps hoping that the next human he meets will fall in love with him and take him home. He’s a little confused on why nobody has asked to adopt him yet.
Imagine his sorrow as Balin keeps watching the other dogs walk past him and out the front door with their new family, and each time he dreams that the next time it will be him.

Think about everything you did in the last year and a half, that’s a lot of days to remember. Now imagine Balin was in the shelter every single one of those days and nights.

Britney, a staff member of Middletown NY Humane Society, wrote,

“This is Balin, a senior boy who was found left in a field by a farmer who was haying. Balin came in extremely emaciated, hardly able to stand, and in just very poor condition. With the intense cold we had here in New York this past winter, we had to put clothes on the poor guy to make sure he was warm! We have since nursed him back to health, and he is now a happy, relatively energetic, blanket-loving boy!

He came to us in October of 2013, and he is the oldest out of all of our animals–dogs and cats–at about 13 years old (which is just a guess based on his teeth). We are a no-kill facility, so Balin has a home here for as long as he needs one, but he should not have to call this place home. Balin needs a home without small dogs or cats, but he does get along with some dogs his size or bigger. He has been great with every person he meets, and he is still more active than other dogs his age.

Balin is a boxer/lab mix, and boy does he turn fluffy after a bath! Because Balin was found as a stray in the condition he was, we cannot guarantee he is housebroken. [And, we’d like to add, the shelter environment is not always a true test.] He is neutered and up-to-date on his vaccines.

We need to meet adopters, so anyone interested would have to come and meet our old man in person before adopting. This also gives us the comfort that our old man could easily be brought back if the adoption did not work out for any reason. Balin is super sweet and just needs a chance at a new home!”

To adopt Balin, please being the process of filling out an application here:

Please submit applications to

Shelter adoption hours are every day from 12 noon to 4 p.m.

Please share Balin, especially with those in the New York area. Older dogs are grateful to get a forever home. Balin has been in a kennel far too long now.









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