Reward offered after dog found starved to death in crate along Kentucky roadside

February 3, 2015

Last week just about 1/4 mile from the home of Caroline Adam, an unspeakable act was committed against this poor dog in the Hopkinsville, Kentucky area. The original can be viewed by clicking here. A second photo can be viewed here (again-extremely graphic).

A reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who abandoned this poor dog, dubbed “Angelina,” to starve to death.

Caroline had seen the crate laying on the side of the road in one of the farmer’s fields. The crate was dismantled, and Caroline thought someone had decided to throw out their garbage along the roadway. A few days ago the crate was gone, but what she saw was so the image seen in nightmares

A pit bull appears to have been left to starve to death locked up in the crate. Whoever came and got the crate left behind this poor little girl, along with the crate pad and all the feces that had accumulated in the crate.You can see from the wetness on the dog’s legs how deep Angelina had been standing in it before finally succumbing to her death.

You can also see the feces stuck to Angelina’s fur. By the appearance of the wrinkling of her skin, Caroline assumes she was deprived of food & water until she died. The person who did this probably lives in the Hopkinsville, Pembroke, Oak Grove or Fort Campbell area of Kentucky or Clarksville, Tennessee

Anyone living in these areas please share this post, with the hope someone recognizes Angelina, or the crate pillow, and comes forward with information.

Angelina was taken to Oak Grove Animal Clinic on January 29 to be scanned for a microchip. Unfortunately, she wasn’t chipped. Based on the amount of tartar on her teeth, the vet estimated Angelina to be around eight years old. She doesn’t have any scars or external injuries.

The sheriff’s office was called in to investigate, and Caroline was given a case number. She currently has this poor dog in her possession awaiting for the funds to have her cremated. Anyone interested in donating please view the donation link .

Caroline plans on spreading the ashes off the green way in Clarksville, Tennessee at the bridge overlooking the valley.

Since the cremation has been funded, funds exceeding the necessary amount will go to help Statham, a dog Carolina rescued on the same road as Angelina. Lucky for him she found him in time. Statham’s medical bills were expensive, his recovery long but he is now doing very well, and he is now best friends with a special needs child.

Please share this article with everyone you know in the Hopkinsville, Kentucky area. Caroline can be reached through the cremation link, and will see that any information is passed on to the police.

It takes a monster to do what this person did to Angelina. This person needs to be taken off the streets, and be punished for the heartbreaking death of this once beautiful dog.

A petition for justice has been started here.


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