Rescues working to save 12-year-old beauty in California need local foster

March 10, 2015

Another beautiful senior dog has been tossed away like garbage at a California shelter.

Meet Fern (#A4806299), a 12-year-old female Irish terrier. She arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center on March 7 and will be available for rescue or adoption on March 12.
Fern has undergone a traumatic experience, being surrendered to the shelter, then put into a kennel and having to deal with the anguished cries of the other dogs.

After the first night, Fern began to move around to see what’s going on around her.

A good conversation can be found on this Facebook: Saving Carson Shelter Dogs thread, where it’s said a rescue has stepped up to save Fern if a local foster can be found. A video can also be found of this sweet girl by clicking here.

Right now, it’s rumored Fern is in medical, where she’s being monitored for seizures. She needs out of the shelter as soon as possible, as older dogs don’t do well in a shelter environment. It’s suggested she remain local, as Fern isn’t healthy enough for transport at this time.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t network this beautiful girl. Many rescues from out of state partner with rescues across the country to be sure a good home is found. Hopefully, one of the several rescues who has expressed interest will find a local foster and get Fern out of there.

Due to a microchip being found, and Carson had to track down whom the chip is registered to, Fern is under stray hold until March 12. If the chip comes back as registered to the person who turned her in, they’re back to square one. What is known, is Fern’s skin condition didn’t get that way overnight, and everyone is working hard to be sure she doesn’t end up back in a situation where she’ll be neglected.

If you live in the Gardena, California area, and can foster Fern, please contact the Carson Animal Care Center using the information below.

Carson Shelter
216 Victoria Street
Gardena, California
M-TH 12pm – 7pm, F-SU – 10am – 5pm

You can visit Fern at her temporary home at C110.

Please share Fern with your friends, especially those in the Gardena area. Social media plays a major role in saving shelter pets. You never know who will see your Facebook wall, or read your Tweet, who is in a position to help. This makes sharing a vital part of animal rescue.

Carson Shelter advocates, please feel free to add any information missed under the comment section of this article, especially since Fern’s medical condition appears to have worsened. We may be dealing with a hospice type situation, where someone is needed to spoil Fern for what time she has left.


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