Puppy rescued from side of the road after horrific abuse now an internet star

December 27, 2014
When Julie Bird Marecki picked this puppy up from the side of the road on Hubb Gilchrist Rd. near Ramer, Tennessee, she never dreamed of the outpouring of love headed her way for her selfless act. All she knew was this pup was injured, and she wanted to help him.
The vet report revealed even more disturbing news than she imagined, far more that what meets the eye

Now dubbed “Chip,” this sweet puppy, believed to be a purebred yellow lab, has suffered some of the cruelest torture his vet has ever seen. He’s also becoming the newest internet animal star.

The swelling and hair loss on his face are what veterinarian Dr.Gina Welton believes were flammable liquids being poured on him, then attempting to set him on fire. Chip’s eyelids have been completely removed, as well as his bottom lip. The tip of his penis was cut off. Chip also has an indention on his head from blunt force trauma, as well as missing several teeth.

Dr. Welton is contacting an outside surgeon, where the estimate to repair his abused body is estimated to be between $2,000 and $3,000.

Julie gave Chip a good bath, after finding him covered with dirt, fleas, and ticks. He’s also on oral and topical antibiotics to help him heal.
By sharing Chip’s story, you will bring more and more attention to his cause and hopefully the person who did this can be caught. Plans for a reward are being considered, and Chip is also helping catch his abuser. He’s terrified of camo clothing so his abuser may be a hunter.

Julie spoke with the Sheriff of McNairy County. There are so many versions going around as to what may have happened to Chip. Some say his injuries resemble a meth flashback, others think he has strangles-a nodular and pustular skin disorder that affects puppies.

Neither of these would explain the dented head or the mutilated penis. Willful abuse seems most likely, and we all know abusers start with animals before moving on to humans.

Chip has become so popular over the past few days that he now has his own Facebook page, along with more than 5,000 fans. More than enough money has been raised to pay for his surgery. Of course, it would be nice to make a donation so the rescue can continue to save other animals. A GoFundMe account has been set up here, or you can donate directly to the HARTT rescue.

Donations should be directed to:
HARTT (they are a 501c3 rescue)
ATTN – Chip
P.O. Box733
Savannah, TN 38372

Julie posted the following update on Chip’s Facebook page

“His oral antibiotics and his antibiotic ointment seems to be really working well… Today he has been with me for a week. All his sores are healed. Meaning no more open areas..looking back to the very first video today, i can see such a big difference already… Just with love, nutrition and some antibiotics. . And lots and lots of prayers from all over the world. And his personality and playfulness is really shining thru… He is becoming quite the happy bouncy boy… Hoping to get to the surgeon as soon as the holiday is over to start getting him help with his eyes, smile and penis….”

Let’s not forget that whoever did this is still out there. That person could be a breeder, or a breeder may remember selling Chip to an individual. Whoever did this needs to be caught, and put away for a long, long time.

If you have any information on the person who abused this sweet boy, please contact the McNairy Sheriff’s Department at 731-645-1004 or 731-645-1005 or Fax (731) 645-1003.


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