Protest planned for this morning at Shannon Lake to save neighborhood geese

April 17, 2015

A residential community in Greenville is planning a protest to save the geese who call the neighborhood their home.

The Board of Directors at Shannon Lake subdivision in Greenville, South Carolina have obtained a 30-day permit from fish and wildlife to do a mass euthanasia of the geese on the lake, beginning April 18. All of the home owners were not aware and many are very upset. Some people love the geese there and feed them.
Homeowner Charlotte Caldwell is devastated because she has a nesting mom in her own yard. According to a Facebook: Izzy’s Pond post April 17, Charlotte personally called the president of the Home Owners Association and offered thousands of dollars to pay for a program to use non-lethal methods to relocate the geese. Her offer was refused.

Gary at Goosebusters, a group that specializes in goose removal in the Carolina’s stated

“Spoke with HOA president. Offered to work at no charge for 30 days and give permanent rate they could afford. He said he had seen our car around town and knew who we were, but was not interested in our service. The kill for tomorrow was a done deal.”

Izzy’s Pond, a non-profit waterfowl rescue located in Simpsonville, in charge of the protest, which is set for Saturday morning at 6:00 am until 9:00 8 Shannon Creek Court in Greenville. In an effort to beat the protest, the word is spreading on social media that the shooting could begin as early as 3:00 am.

In a WSPA News report April 17, neighbors from both sides of the issue spoke out. Some are glad the geese are being shot, calling them a nuisance. Others are afraid to walk around the park with their children while hunters are blowing 50-100 geese out of the water.

Many are in favor of allowing more time for the geese to be safely relocated, rather than killing them. It would be in the best interests of the geese for people opposing the shooting to not only attend the protest but to contact local news stations and have them there early, just in case.

More about the protest can be found by clicking here.

Note: The photo used is a mother goose who is raising her young in the community. She is among those at risk of being killed.






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