Pottsville disaster dogs need help after being rescued from bad situation

January 21, 2015

On January 17, a total of 33 dogs were found at an Arkansas residence. Now rescued, those dogs and the rescue responsible for finding them forever homes need your help.

NovaStar Rescue is heading up the rescue of 33 dogs from a residence in Pottsville. The owner had been taking in stray dogs and got in over their head.

The puppies had been kept in a five foot by five-foot pen filled with mud and dog poop.

Thankfully, that owner signed over 19 puppies and 14 adult dogs. All of the animals needs to be completely vetting, including spay/neuter and shots.

Not only were the dogs living in bad conditions, many are sick or malnourished, and will need ongoing vet treatment. All of this costs money, and a lot of the goal has already been raised.

A PetCaring page has been set up for the older dogs. Even if the goal is met, it never hurts to go over the goal, as emergency situations do tend to come up unexpectedly.

A total of 13 puppies, as well as two mommies, will be going to Punta Gorda, Florida on Friday. Bye-bye Arkansas, hello good life for these babies, who deserve every chance possible for a good life.

Greenville Dog Examiner reached out to the administrators of the Facebook page, who responded with their current needs.

“So far we have not had any rescues step up for the adult dogs, except mommies WILL go with puppies to rescue. We are trying to adopt out the adult dogs to individuals. We will be spaying and neutering and getting shots brought up to date, et cetera. We took the sickest litter to the vet on Monday and got them their shots and kennel cough vaccine and have them boarded until Friday for worming because they were so sick.

Donations for puppies should to to the individual rescues, Imagine Pet Rescue and Paws Crossed Rescue and Pet Haven in Punta Gorda, Florida. Donations for older dogs should come to NovaStar Rescue in Ola, Arkansas.

This is a very bad situaution, I have been working on this situation for a year, trying to get all these dogs spayed, neutered, shots, and off the property. The people took in strays and dumped dogs and they have tried to take care of them and have kept them fed but they are just not able to get them shots or get them spayed and neutered and so of course they breed and make more and more dogs…and they have just gotten overwhelmed and the situation is out of control. I have to get this situation cleaned up this time once and for all. I am a very small one-woman rescue operation and I depend on donations and help from the communities to enable me to help in situations like this so any assistance, food, dog houses, blankets, tarps, shots, wormer, donations to my vet, et cetera., are all greatly needed and appreciated. We are getting other bigger rescues to step up for the puppies (3 litters are going to Florida on Friday and the 4th litter is going to New Jersey on Saturday).

You can donate directly to Davis Vet in Dardanelle, Arkansas, 479-229-0595. Just tell them it is for the Pottsville Puppies, under Glenda Osterhout’s name, my rescue helper.”

Terre Wood can be reached at 501-920-7311 if you need more information, or would like to adopt one of the older dogs.

Please share this article, and donate a few dollars to one of the rescues responsible for taking on these sweet dogs. The links to the various rescues are listed below.


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