Ohio family turns to social media to save dog who ‘allegedly’ bit someone

January 12, 2015

An Ohio family has turned to social media in an effort to save their dog, who has been ordered destroyed for allegedly biting someone. The petition set up by the family can be found here and explains the situation they are facing.

According to Lizzi Closson, their family dog has been accused of biting someone in Auglaize County. Dog laws have changed, and now any dog, no matter the breed, must be euthanized, should that dog bite someone.

The problem with the incident involving Wall-E, a small 5-year-old Jack Russell terrier mix whose been with the family since he was a pup, is that no one will tell Lizzi who Wall-E has bitten.

The family has allegedly asked the dog warden to give them information on the case and say the warden refuses to tell them who was bitten. Someone supposedly trespassed in their yard, which is marked with “No Trespassing” signs, and received a bite from Wall-E as he defended his home.

Unfortunately, the decision to kill Wall-E on January 20 has been made with no proof presented to his family. Lizzi posted on Wall-E’s petition page

“My family hasn’t been given any information as to who or when this happened. We are going to lose our homeowners insurance and our home if we keep him. He is a small Jack Russell terrier mix. And my Autistic brother has a very close bond with him. And we love him very dearly. But our dog warden no matter how many times we ask for the information will not give us any. This person trespassed into our yard and our dog being a protective dog supposedly attacked this unknown person. We have zero proof and he goes to a vet who he has never attacked. Nor has he ever attacked my boyfriend of 8 months who plays with him and pets him. Please I am begging you to help us get this information so we can keep our precious dog.”

The family is struggling to deal with this, and they don’t have the money to move. They have jobs in the area and just can’t afford to pick up and go somewhere else.

If Wall-E isn’t euthanized, they will also lose their homeowner’s insurance, which means they’ll lose their home.

Wall-E is a sweet and loving dog who just wants to give kisses. He’s also a guard dog who just barks when someone comes onto the property. Wall-E is also best friends with Lizzi’s autistic brother

The family wasn’t at home at the time of the supposed attack. They believe just a little more information on their loving dog should be provided, along with evidence their dog did indeed bite someone.

The petition is asking for Wall-E to be removed from the vicious dog list, and off of death row. Please share this article, with the hope that between it and the petition, we can work together to save this dog.


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