Minnesota teen charged with felony theft after $2,000 puppy stolen from Petland

May 20, 2015

A Minnesota teenager is charged and is being held on suspicion of felony theft after a puppy was stolen from a pet store, CBS Minnesota reported May 16.

Isis Gladney, 18, placed a puppy in her purse last Friday afternoon at the Petland in the Sun Ray shopping center in St. Paul. There were a couple of things she didn’t take into consideration when she took off with the pup. For one, the puppy she stole was priced at $2,000, making this a felony theft. Second, since Isis had once applied for employment at Petland, the store managers knew where she lived.

Vanessa Rojas and the other managers were led on a chase down I-94 by Gladney. Eventually, the puppy was recovered, and Gladney is now being held on felony charges.

Rojas described the pup’s condition in an interview with CBS Minnesota

“He was completely lethargic. He had been in a purse, shaken up, hadn’t had food or water for three hours. This is a baby. They can’t handle things like that.”

The puppy, now dubbed “Chase” is recovering, but it will take a long time to return to good health, Rojas added.


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