Help Find Handover: Missing Florida dog has been reunited with homeless owner

May 22, 2013

UPDATE: James was killed in traffic in December 2013. Handover was missing again at the time of James’ death

According to a recent post on the Facebook page Help Find Handover, the dog has been found and reunited with his owner.

Handover first made the news last week when the story broke about a homeless man named James losing his dog. James lives on the streets in Hudson, Florida, where sometime during the morning of May 8 James awoke to find Handover had been stolen from him.

Social media took over, and a Facebook page was created offering a reward to anyone who could help James find his dog. The reward topped out at $1000 and more than 4000 members were following his story.

Today Handover was returned to his owner. He was taken to a local vet, where he was microchipped and given medication for fleas.

Handover said in an interview “Look everybody! I found my human!” Not really, but the look on Handover’s face shows how glad he is to be back with his owner.

People all over the country who have kept up with the Help Find Handover story are more than willing to help James and his dog in their effort to find a more suitable living arrangement.

Those running the Help Find Handover Facebook page have spent the day getting treatment for Handover, so not many details over his return have been made known.

Fox News did make a brief report saying a couple had been taking care of Handover for the past few weeks and refused the reward. The couple didn’t say how they came to have Handover.

This story is still breaking. National news will likely offer additional information in the next few hours.




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