Help Find Handover: Dog stolen from homeless Florida man

May 16, 2013

Update: James was killed in traffic December 2014.

James is a homeless man from Hudson, Florida who has lost more than most people could ever imagine. He lost his wife to cancer last year. Then he lost his farm, his car, and even his belongings. The only thing left in the world for James to love was his five-year-old blue pit bull named Handover. The dog was a gift from his late wife, given to him to help ease the pain she knew he would go through when she was gone.

Now Handover is missing, along with the last few belongings James could call his own. Handover went everywhere with him. At night, James would tether Handover to his leg near a junction on US 19.

On the night of May 8, the two friends went to bed together on Highway 19 and Beacon Woods Drive. When James woke up, Handover was gone. So were the rest of his belongings.

James is afraid Handover was stolen to be used in a dogfighting ring. He’s asked the public to help him find the only one in the world who truly loves him.

Carolyn Texter, who volunteers with animal rescues in the area, met James in March. She has watched him pay for vet bills for Handover. Carolyn is now helping by setting up a Facebook page called Help Find Handover

According to a recent post on DogHeirs, the reward is now over $800. Information and how to contribute to the reward can be found on the Facebook page.

Several news stations are now picking up on the story with video broadcasts. Now all James can do is wait.

Handover is an un-neutered male blue pit bull. He has white on his chest, and also a bit of white on the tip of his paws. Anyone who has seen Handover is asked to contact or call (727) 378-9755.




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