German Shepherd abandoned by her family last year needs an experienced rescue

March 11, 2015

Update March 12, 2015 No longer needs rescue

This German Shepherd beauty, abandoned last year in South Carolina when her family moved away, needs our help,
After being abandoned by her people, this poor girl was on her own for awhile and depended on people at a local business in the Anderson area to feed her. She always kept her distance, but during the cold weather in January, she miraculously jumped into the car of one of her caregivers who was delivering a dog house to where she stayed.

She was immediately taken to a local vet, where she was examined and scanned for a microchip. Unfortunately, she’s heartworm positive, and also has special issues on the type of family needed.

The vet believes she’s only around two to three years old. She doesn’t like small dogs but gets along with larger dogs. She’s good on a leash and doesn’t appear to have any cat issues.

A home is needed with no loud noises or loud children, as she becomes frightened and barks or hides. An experienced handler will help her thrive. The person who found her will help with the heartworm treatment, so don’t let that scare you from adopting this beauty.

Please email if you are a reputable rescue and can help. And be sure to share this story with rescues who are experienced in dog behavior and training.


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