From dreadlocks to darling, sweet stray in Texas needs a forever home

July 13, 2015

From dreadlocks to darling, this sweet stray in Texas is in need of a forever home.

Rolls (Animal ID #A339732), a 5-year-old male miniature poodle mix, came into San Antonio Animal Care Services as a stray on July 7. As you can see, this boy was in horrible condition.

Despite his outward appearance, Rolls was all wiggles and tail in his kennel, happy as he could be for someone just to pay attention to him and show him some love. Rolls enjoys meeting new people and did a wonderful job as he was being groomed. The matted fur is now gone, and Rolls is flea free and looking fine.

Although Rolls has some hair loss, his skin scrap was negative. He just needs time, some love, and some good quality food to make his outward appearance match his loving personality. The shelter believes Rolls will be a light brown color when his fur grows back in.

The shelter believes Rolls is approximately eight years old. Other than the neglect he’s more likely suffered for some time, Rolls does have some minor vision loss, which doesn’t slow him down at all.

Information on how you can save Rolls is listed below

To adopt Rolls, call (210) 207-6666 or email
To foster Rolls, call (210) 207-6669 or email
If you are with a rescue group, call (210) 207-8173 or email

San Antonio Animal Care Services ‒ (210) 207-4PET.
4710 State Highway 151
San Antonio, TX
Fax: (210) 207-6673

Rolls can also be found here on Facebook. His PetHarbor link states he is no longer available, so if it’s not already too late, it isn’t a good sign and he needs rescue or adoption immediately.

To learn more about the San Antonio shelter and the animals available for adoption, click here.


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