Dog who spent 4 months at NYC ACC now back on death row as a returned adoption

July 13, 2015

This sweet dog spent four months at a New York shelter and is now back on death row as a returned adoption.

Meet Terrence, AKA Terry (A1025358), a 3-year-old pit bull mix who thought he was going to his forever home after spending January to May at the shelter. Now Terry has been returned by his adopter, and to make matters worse, he’s on a Department of Health (DOH) hold for biting someone.

Terry first arrived at the shelter last January 13, 2015. He was put on the list many times but, escaped euthanasia every time because he was such a sweet, gentle, calm soul that the staff and volunteers loved him and pleaded to save his life. That’s really quite rare, the shelter often kills dogs after a week or two, let alone a month or more.

His life was spared time and again because Terry so endeared himself to everyone during that time and furthermore he didn’t deteriorate from such a long stint in the shelter. His calm composure and good tolerance of being kenneled for such a long period are probably what saved his life.

Now Terry is in really big trouble. He’s back at the shelter and was put on a 10 day DOH hold on July 6. Once the 10 days is up, Terry will go back on the kill list, most likely as “rescue only.” If he doesn’t have a rescue with a foster or training plan lined up, he will die.

The circumstances of his return were that the adopter felt he didn’t like strangers so they put him away in a bedroom or behind a closed door every time someone came over. Well this time, Terry somehow got out from the confined area or wasn’t properly put away. and he bit someone. But, people often lie, and it’s also possible Terry had a bad case of cabin fever from being alone so much and so often.

Once again, the staff and volunteers are doing all they can to save Terry from being killed.

One volunteer writes

“When I scratch his patootie he does the cutest little dance, stepping his hind legs from side to side in blissful abandon. Terry likes people but he LOVES dogs and his happiest self comes out when fellow pups are around. Everyone from a hefty pittie to the tiniest Chihuahua gets a gentle sniff and a delighted body wiggle and he’s been a good boy in play group too. Out on the street Terry is all about nosing (and tasting) his environment and he walks strongly but responsively on leash, taking care of his business and of course, passing other dogs with keen interest and a perked tail.”

Another volunteer says

“Terry is so dear and so sweet; he appears housetrained, and is such a delightful play bower to all he meets we can’t believe no one has yet to take him up on his offer in a forever kind of way. Please, won’t you come play with him and bow yourselves out of here and into your home? He is deserving of all of the praise he is receiving in the shelter, but we’d like him to play (bow) to a bigger audience—the world!”

Terry would like nothing better than to find a real forever home. It’s possible he was a one-person dog, and being around a lot of people was too stressful for him. He needs a rescue, foster or adopter who understands he may need time to recover from his latest experience. Anyone will tell you that dogs locked away suffer stress-related behavior.

If you can help Terry, please contact several of the dog rescue groups from this list. This ensures that if Terry will only be released to a New Hope Partner, these are the groups who can get him out of the shelter and into a safe, comfortable environment.

Please share this beautiful boy with rescues in the New York area. Just because he had the misfortune of being adopted by a family who chose to isolate a very people-oriented dog who may or may not have bitten someone shouldn’t mean a death sentence.


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