Dog runs away twice from new family to return to the man who rescued her

July 31, 2013

Pepper had a rough life in Houston before Josh Woodyard came to her rescue, Dogheirs reported July 30.

Pepper’s story tells of her bravery, and the ability to overcome all odds to be with the one she truly loves. Her adventure to be with the one she loves is the stuff Hollywood movies are made of.

Pepper was brought to the SPCA as a puppy. She’s a Lab/Pointer/Jack Russell Terrier mix whose first run of bad luck was when she was unfortunately adopted by an animal hoarder.

Pepper was abused and neglected by a person who kept her locked in an 110-degree storage shed. She had to eat out of a rusted cook pot and was only fed twice a week. Pepper had to sleep with a choke collar and had to learn how to sleep standing up. She was also beaten by this person who supposedly loved her.

Josh got word of the hoarding situation and went to investigate. He decided to take Pepper and nurse her back to health. Josh also paid for her rehabilitation.

At the time of her rescue from the hoarder, Pepper had mange, 27 lacerations, worms, fleas, ticks, a fractured leg and was malnourished. She was also afraid of people.

Josh oversaw Pepper’s rehabilitation and that she was placed with what everyone thought was a good family. The family lost her in a month when she ran away.

Pepper was found by a teacher a week later. She was several miles from her home. The vet clinic where she was taken by the teacher kept her for four days until the family came back for her, explaining losing Pepper was an accident.

Thanks to micro-chipping and staying in contact with the new family, the SPCA was able to locate Pepper because the microchip was still listed under the SPCA. Josh learned of her whereabouts quickly, thanks to the chip.

Within a month, Pepper was lost again. She ran the 14 miles back to the same vet clinic, where she was immediately recognized. Josh was called, and once again came to Pepper’s rescue. This time Josh kept Pepper. She now lives with Josh and has a Siberian Husky step sister.

Great job, Josh. Pepper knew who loved her. She overcame great odd to get back to you. Thank you for giving her the forever home she deserves.


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