Despite more than $400 in pledges, sad-eyed dog at Brooklyn Center will die

March 1, 2015

Update March 4, adopted!

Despite more than $400 in pledges to an approved rescue, this sad-eyed dog, located at Brooklyn Center in New York, will die today without a miracle.

This is the story of Indio (Animal ID #A1028136), a brown and white neutered pit bull mix. The shelter believes he’s around nine years old.

Indigo had a good life until February 17, when he was surrendered by his sick owner. Sadly, his owner is moving to a smaller apartment. Indio, AKA Boy, was given to his owner as a puppy by a family member

This sweet dog has lived with two adults and three children, two that are adults and one that’s 13 years old. Indio is relaxed, playful and tolerant around everyone in the household. Indio has been around other dogs in his lifetime. He is respectful and tolerant around all dogs he sees. His behavior is unknown towards cats.

Indio listens and protects his family. His activity level is to a medium. He doesn’t play with toys but likes to play fetch and tug with other objects owner gave him. Since Indio is an older dog now, he mostly sleeps during the day. He enjoys taking baths and being groomed. He isn’t bothered when his food bowl is touched while eating or taking objects out his mouth.

He doesn’t bark or growl when someone unfamiliar comes around family member or house. When home, Indio would follow his owner around the house or stay in his favorite spot, which was a blanket. Indio is well behaved when home alone and he can be shy, mellow, and playful.

Indio is very house broken. He uses that bathroom when he goes on slow walks on a leash. If off leash he will stay close by his owner’s side. He knows commands such as sit, down, and shakes a paw. He has never been crate-trained. Indio eats dry food called Pedigree twice a day.

Much more information is available on the above Facebook thread concerning his personality. Indio appears to be a perfect dog and would make an excellent companion for anyone looking for a calm, older dog.

If not rescued or adopted this morning, Indio may be killed.

Please share this special boy, All of the information you need, such as how to adopt to finding an NYC ACC approved rescue can be found on that same thread.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.


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