Chester: Cancer stricken dog rescued by woman in Georgia has died

July 11, 2015

It is with great sadness the announcement was made July 10 that Chester, the cancer-stricken dog rescued by a woman in Georgia has died, Fox Carolina News reported July 10.

When Nicole Elliott, a 24-year-old mom and foster parent to Chester, picked up the little dog from Animal Ark, she didn’t realize what a following her good deed would create. Chester was a little dog no one wanted. At 13 or 14 years old, his family dropped him off at a high-kill shelter in Columbus back in April.

Finding Chester on a rescue page on Facebook, Nicole fell in love with his before and after photos. Along with the photos was a request for hospice care. When Chester arrived at the shelter he was severely matted. When shaved, a large tumor was found on the side of his little body. The tumor was removed, but others showed up on different parts of his body.

Animal Ark Rescue made the decision to save Chester, despite his grim prognosis.

Nicole knew going into this that Chester didn’t have long to live. She had to consider whether or not she could handle the death of a dog, being a young mother and having recently lost her grandmother.

In a July 7 report by WTVM News, Nicole told of how she made the decision to take Chester and make his final days as happy and as filled with love as she possibly could.

“I slept on it, and woke up knowing it was the right thing to do. I knew that it would be my responsibility to make his final days the best I could, to mine and his ability. I arrived before the shelter opened, and they let me in to get him. I fell in love the moment I saw him.”

Nicole said her love of animals is what made her decide to show Chester the love he’s never known, even though his death would be heartbreaking. Nicole started Chester a Facebook page on June 28, and that page has grown to 75,000 likes.

She soon made a ‘bucket list’ including car rides, shopping sprees, “doggy sundaes,” and eating a famous Nathan’s hot dog. Depending on how Chester felt on a daily basis, she vowed to give him some of the greatest pleasures she felt he’d enjoy.

On Friday, Nicole created the Facebook post that no one wanted but knew was coming

“I am so sad to tell everyone that my sweet baby Chester has left this world. I am heartbroken, but at the same time I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I held him until his last breath and then some. I told him it was ok to let go, and how loved he was. I know without a doubt Chester died knowing that he mattered. He knew love.”

Thank you, Nicole, for this selfless act. Chester knew love because of you. In his eyes, a few short weeks made up for a lifetime of pain and neglect.

For those of you who would like to help Animal Ark save more dogs like Chester, please donate via their YouCaring link here.






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