Bocker the Labradoodle diagnosed with cancer; donations needed for treatment

December 8, 2014
Bocker, the celebrity Labradoodle, who has done so much for so many—from differently abled children and adults to raising money for good causes—now needs your help,
His constant companion, Marie Shelto, learned in December 2014 that Bocker has lymphoma and, without treatment, has just a few months to live. New treatments, which are costly, are giving pets more quality time here on earth. Marie is heartbroken over this news, as are Bocker’s followers. She wants to give Bocker the best life possible for the time he has left.
A donation page has been set up here for Bocker, or you can donate directly to PayPal by clicking here.

For those unfamiliar with his story, Bocker the Labradoodle has Facebook and Twitter followers numbering over half a million throughout the world tracking his every bark and tweet. He’s been working hard since he was a pup to bring happiness to others.

Bocker has gained worldwide fame because of his loving nature, his always being ready to lend a helping paw to those in need (both two legged and four legged) and his compassionate demeanor. Bocker is well known for his appearance in commercials for Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, AT&T, Target and Chase Bank

Usually, sweet Bocker has a busy schedule between doing fashion ads, film and tv appearances and working for shelters, and also works as a therapy dog, reading with children to cheer them up. He has also made several trips to Sandy Hook to help the community heal from the 2012 school shooting. In between all of this, Bocker also helps with fundraisers.

You can keep up with Bocker on his Facebook page, which has more than 553,000 fans.

Please share the sad news of his health, and donate a few dollars if you can.

The featured video of Bocker was added to YouTube on September 9, 2014.


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