Blind emaciated dog found by the side of the road in Texas needs a forever home

January 26, 2015

Update February 21, 2015, Sean Casey Animal Rescue pulled Wyatt, and after a hospital stay and some surgery, he is looking so much better. He will go up for adoption once he’s healed.

This sweet mixed breed dog with special needs is in need of a forever home in the Corpus Christi area.

Sarah Parades picked up this Mastiff mix beauty, dubbed “Wyatt” by the side of the highway right before he was hit by a passing car. Not only was this poor baby in danger from the road, Wyatt is also blind and mostly deaf.

In a Facebook post on the Senior/Old Dog & Cat Rescue Network – Precious Lives Needing Urgent Help page, Sarah stated she believes Wyatt was most likely dumped by his owner.

Wyatt is extremely emaciated and desperately needs help to stay out of Animal Control. He is in a temporary foster home but needs to find a forever home within the next week or so.

Please share Wyatt with friends in the Corpus Christi, Texas area. If you can give this sweet guy a home, please contact Sarah at or by phone at 361-737-2468.

You can keep up with Wyatt’s story on this Facebook thread.








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