Beautiful and well trained, Leo is running out of time at NY shelter

March 16, 2015

Update in Safe Dogs 138

This sweet boy is at a high-kill shelter in New York and is in desperate need of rescue or a forever home.
Meet Leo (ID # is A1025942), a 6-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier who was surrendered to the Manhattan Center shelter because his family is moving to a place where dogs aren’t allowed. Leo was with his owner for 4 years and has no known health problems or injuries.

Leo has been around children 2 years old and up. The previous owner said that he is respectful with children and does not play with them. He is also respectful of other dogs but has not been around cats to know how he’ll behave around them.

A volunteer writes

“Leo is a real golden boy, a beautiful blonde with the kind of sunny disposition that endears him to everyone he meets and a behavior evaluation that’s simply fantastic. If you’re looking for an all-round good guy then your search ends here! Charming his way into my heart after only one date, Leo has all the polite graces of a beloved pet and in addition to being a good leash walker and extremely house trained, he already knows how to come and sit for food or a ball and catches treats ‘on the fly’ like he was born to it.”

This sweet boy would make a good house dog. Leo is house trained and does not have accidents inside the home. He has a low to medium activity level.

He has not bitten a person but Leo and the dog he was surrendered with bit each other when at the time of intake. Leo doesn’t mind having his nails trimmed or being bathed. He enjoys being brushed and petted.

When strangers visited his former home, Leo was friendly. He’s also well trained, knowing how to sit, paw, come, lie down and stay. He’s used to off-leash walks.

Leo loves to be in the same room with people but is nervous around fireworks and thunder.

Since Leo has been at the shelter since January, his time is definitely running out. If you would like to adopt or rescue Leo, please check out this link for instructions on the rescue/adoption system.






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