Arkansas tornado dogs found: 2 dogs safe after being found in Oak Grove/Marche

April 28, 2014


UPDATE: Originally reported in Morgan/Maumelle area. Title corrected.

These two dogs have been found following the Arkansas tornadoes that devastated much of the state last night. This Facebook thread posted April 28.
Angie Taylor reported these two dogs were found in the Morgan/Maumelle area by a friend of hers on Facebook.

This Facebook group page is assisting, with information on rescue groups, where to have pets scanned or treated and other up to date information. Residents who find an animal are asked to hold onto it until it’s owner is located.

Please leave a phone number where you can be reached. Don’t depend on people being able to reach you on Facebook if at all possible.

Also, remember to be very careful who you release a “found” pet to. Sadly, in other disasters, people have taken advantage of the situation and taken custody of pets that did not belong to them.

People who have lost everything don’t need to deal with nefarious folks also.. These disasters bring out people who scam, so please beware.







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