Adorable 10-year-old Pom needs home in the San Jacinto area

January 27, 2015
Pepper is a senior Pom needing a home in California

According to a Facebook: Ramona Rescue thread posted January 26, this sweet little dog in California is needing a forever home.

Pepper is a senior Pomeranian male who came into the rescue as a stray. Ramona Rescue believes he’s about 10 years old. The staff is very sweet on this little guy, who weighs in at 11.3 pounds. They say he’s a very friend and happy boy who enjoys being played with.

Pepper, who currently calls San Jacinto home, is up to date on his shots, is de-wormed and gets along well with other dogs. He will need to be neutered prior to his adoption.

He’s been available for rescue since January 17, and it’s amazing no one has snatched up this little guy. He has very unusual coloring for a Pom.

Although Pepper has stolen the hearts of all who have met him, he really needs a forever home of his own. Contact information is listed below.

Avail to rescue:: 1/17/15
Ramona Humane-Society
690 Humane Way
San Jacinto, Ca 92582
RESCUES: Please contact Rachel McKee, the Rescue Coordinator at Ramona Humane Society, via telephone @ (951) 654-8002 ext. 224 or 951.260.7204. You can also email Rachel @
PULLERS: Rescue authorizes puller – Identification is required for release

Please share Pepper with your friends, especially those in the San Jacinto area. He’s the definition of cuteness overload.


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