Abandoned SC dog found dead on chain 6 days after neglect reported to police

January 1, 2015

According to an article by The Colletonian, a chained dog left to die in an unattended South Carolina yard has died, despite the effort of a concerned resident to save the dog.

Betty Deal, a resident of Carn Street in downtown Walterboro, recently received a call from her neighbor saying a dog was left chained to a tree and abandoned.

After inspecting the claim, Betty learned the Rivers Street house where the dog lived was vacant, and the done was seriously emaciated. The dog had even dug a home in an attempt to stay warm. Betty describes what it was like to meet this starving dog

“It broke my heart. I knocked on the door, and no one answered … the neighbor said she had not seen activity at that house in some time.”

Betty, a dedicated animal lover, immediately went to the Walterboro Police Department after leaving the property. She was told an officer from animal control would contact her. Betty later spoke to an officer, who assured her the dog would be taken care of.

On December 19, a week after Betty first made contact with Walterboro Police, she received a troubling phone call. The dog was reported dead on his chain.

“I was so saddened, because I just knew in my heart that the dog was saved.”

Betty once again contacted police, and the next day the dog’s lifeless body was removed from his chain.

Then on December 21, Betty received a call from the Colleton County Animal Control Department. The department directly allegedly apologized for their “oversight” in the case, despite the fact their phone was flooded with calls on the day Betty reported the neglect.

Now Betty blames herself, thinking this poor dog would still be alive if she’d gone back to make sure he’d been rescued.

Officials announced the animal control department will handle the investigation into the dog’s death to determine whether the owners would be charged.

What about the people in local government who took the report, yet did nothing. If a private resident knew of the abuse, yet did nothing, you can bet that person would be facing charges. Why are the laws different for police and animal control officers who turn a blind eye on abuse and neglect.

This doesn’t just happen in Walterboro but throughout the state. Animals control refuses to investigate claims of abuse in many of the South Carolina counties this Examiner reporter writes about.

There’s a term for ignoring neglect. A legal dictionary defines “accessory after the fact” as

“with knowledge that the person committed the felony, and with the intent to help the person avoid arrest or punishment”

The Colleton County Animal Control, as well as those with the Walterboro Police Department who didn’t follow through with an investigation should be held accountable. If they refuse to charge the owner with animal cruelty, they’re operating with “the intent to help the person avoid arrest or punishment.”

Rest in peace, sweet dog. Betty trusted those in authority to help you, but police are many times much less than helpful these days.

Please note the photo used is not of the chained dog found dead, but used to stress the seriousness of doing nothing to help.






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